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To help build stronger marriages and families by using a faith-based approach to strengthen communication and enhance relationships through our photography and videography.

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  • To leave a legacy for our family and yours.

  • To create an experience that you will always remember and cherish.

  • To build friendships.

  • To create a supportive community where we can learn from each other and grow together.

  • To be authentic in our art and in our relationships.

  • To help the greater community through our art and charity.

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Mary Cook

Photographer and Wife Extraordinaire! Well at least I try lol.

Lover of dogs and horses.

Believer of true love. True love that takes constant effort to grow and thrive.

Romantic at heart that loves a good story, especially one with a little comedy involved 🙂

Adventurer that dreams of continuing my trips around the world, only now with my husband at my side!


Allen Cook

The Video Guy, Storyteller, World’s Greatest Husband… Jack of all Trades

A polar bear. Well at least that’s what my wife says!

Rescuer of Damsels in Distress… I’m a volunteer firefighter and swift water rescuer so that qualifies right?!

Alpha Dog, or well at least that’s what I try to keep telling my two fur babies!

Comedian… Just ask Mary!

Top Chef… in my home. Mary realized how good she had it to have a culinary school trained husband cook for her so she pawns it off on me now! Who knew that we’d go from fighting over who gets to cook to this!



The baby of the team, rescued from the Greenville Humane Society.

Has the cutest wrinkles and softest fur.

Loves to sleep all day.

Momma’s stress reliever.





The oldest fur-baby on the team.

Our alarm clock in the morning.

The biggest baby and lover of everyone.

Momma’s office companion.




Emily and Tyler; an outdoor lover engagement session in Upstate SC

What could be better than a warm summer evening nestled among sunflowers and a hint of a breeze? Having the fan with us lol! No, in all seriousness it was a truly romantic setting, we could have used a bit less humidity, but Emily and Tyler handled it like champs alongside their 2 fur babies;…


Melanie and Mathew- An Upstate SC Disney Engagement Session

Firetrucks, spaghetti and meatballs, an empty lot, and four dogs… what do they all have in common? Oh not much, just an incredible engagement session with Melanie and Mathew! But this was more than just an engagement session, it was a family session as well! That’s right, Melanie and Mathew shared this special moment in…


Upstate SC Wedding Videography- Jamie and Tasha pt 2

By now I know many of you have been seeing all of Tasha’s posts, her video trailer sneak peek, her gallery of images, and yes even part one of her Upstate SC wedding photography. Their wedding, the guests, and especially Jamie and Tasha were fantastic to work with and we got to capture so many…


CONNECT-2014 our Marriage Retreat Experience

So if you’ve been keeping up with the blog, our Facebook, and/or us, then you know last year we went on our very first marriage retreat. CONNECT: A Marriage Retreat for Couples in Business (mainly photographers and cinematographers) was literally a life changing experience for us. I won’t get into too many details of last…


family photographer Upstate SC

Upstate SC Family photographer- The P family

So now that I’m back to blogging (thank you wrist brace for helping me get back to work again lol) I really wanted to share this special family with you from this fall. Allen and I met this sweet family at another client’s of ours home for Super Bowl Sunday and we just hit it…


Upstate SC Bridal portrait photographer

Upstate SC Bridal Portrait Photographer- Tasha’s Special Day

I’m so excited to share this session with you. I’ve been wanting to share these for a while now, but had to wait for Tasha and Jamie’s big day and then we were focused on getting their wedding images and video ready for them (They get to see them all along with their film on…


Upstate SC Bridal Portrait Photographer- Tasha’s Special Day

I’m so excited to share this session with you. I’ve been wanting to share these for a while now, but had to wait for Tasha and Jamie’s big day and then we were focused on getting their wedding images and video ready for them (They get to see them all along with their film on…


Wedding Photographer Upstate SC- Seymore Wedding pt. 1

I love when guests are as excited as the bride and groom to see what we created from the day, and I know everyone’s been antsy to see what we did a couple weeks ago at Tasha and Jamie’s wedding. We’re still working hard at finessing the images and narrowing down to the best ones,…


Greenville SC wedding photography and videography

Upstate SC Wedding Photography and Videography- an Interview

Welcome back! We are well into our wedding planing series and today we take a look at my favorite aspect of weddings, the photography and videography lol. I know, I know, I’m a bit bias :). Today I’m including both photographers and videographers, one, like us, do both, while others only do one or the…


upstate SC teen photographer

Teen Photography- Upstate SC- Sisters

So last month I had the great pleasure of photographing one of our upcoming Luv Shack on the River brides for her Bridals, but this is not that story… Instead I’d like to introduce to you three of her “daughters”. I’ll share her bridal story after the wedding :). You see Tasha, our bride, has…


Upstate SC Wedding Venue

An Interview with Upstate SC’s Great Wedding Venues!

The moment you announce that your boyfriend is now your fiancé, the questions start flying at you. “How’d he do it? When are you getting married? Where are you going to do it? What’s your theme?!” All of these will come at you like my puppies when I come home: happy, excited, fast, and over…


exchanging of the wedding rings ceremony outside

An interview with Upstate SC Wedding Officiants

So in an effort to continue to help you brides through the wedding planning process, I’ve polled numerous Upstate wedding vendors for their advice to give brides. No longer does your first question have to be “How Much?”, which isn’t going to make much sense when comparing your vendors. Now you’ll know about how much…


Fine Art Engagment Photography and Cinematography

5 of the Best Proposal Videos on Youtube!

So I was getting the link for one of our own videos on Youtube the other day and I came across a new proposal video where the intended groom secretly has his girlfriend plan her own proposal. I, of course, had to check it out and 13 minutes later I’m tearing up with the rest…


Upstate SC bride is married by her grandfather

A SC Mountain View Wedding {Upstate Wedding Photography and Cinematography}

In our last client feature (here), we met Stephanie and John for, our couple who moved up their wedding in order to let her brother attend before going to bootcamp for their engagement photography and cinematography. Their wedding was so unique and so them, a perfect combination! Because of their new timeline they had their…





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